Judy’s most-requested topic is her fascinating life story, “God Wins in Las Vegas.” Audiences hang onto Judy’s every word as she shares the journey from her young life as a Jewish girl searching for the truth through everything from tap-dancing to New Age and the cults. Her ultimate encounter with the Living God is incredibly powerful. Judy shares her story at times with humor, but always with a solid foundation of Biblical truth.
Her many other topics includes stand-alone messages and various series appropriate for multi-session conferences and retreats.
Popular messages include:

Multi-Session Messages for Retreats and Conferences

  • Breaking the Bible Barrier

    In this, one of her most influential presentations, Judy shares how a man who had read the Bible 12,000 times influenced her to become a Bible reader. Thousands of believers, here and abroad, have become readers of the Word through this presentation.
  • Obedience: Squeals, Squawks, and the Deluxe Combos (series)

    When we choose to walk with God and obey Him, as time goes by we may utter, "I want to be obedient, but I hear many voices around me." "Do this; do that; go here; go there; give to this cause; give to that cause." We complain of dealing with so many voices.

    Yet, God may voice the same complaint about us. “As you go about My business, you are a person of many voices.” And...we are! The voice God hears from us on any given occasion will depend on our perceptions and preferences regarding what He asks. How perilous are our different voices? Will our squawks ruin everything? How impressed is God with any of our delightful squeals?
  • The Sport of Casting: The Parable of the Kitchen Junk Drawer (series)

    Have you checked your “spiritual junk drawer” lately? Do you find it too much like your kitchen junk drawer at home—filled with various items you are not quite sure what to do with? Many of us have an abundance of JUNK cluttering our spiritual lives.

    What do you do with stress, confusion, fear, bad habits, or things that seem out of your control? These kinds of spiritual clutter can cripple vital relationships with God and others.

    In this dynamic series, Judy Reamer shares her humorous and insightful “Parable of the Kitchen Junk Drawer” to help discover and eliminate unwanted spiritual junk. The aim of this series is a simplified, submitted life.
  • “Read My Lips, Please!”

    If you had the day off to sit and think of all the advice, opinions, answer, inventions, creative brainstorms, and business ideas you’ve given to people—how much of it did others take seriously enough to follow? The questions are: What are we going to do about all we give out that seemingly falls by the wayside? What did the Lord do when He faced the same issues? What was His response?

    Interestingly, we’d like to change others, but we don’t want anyone to try to change us. Inside we’re yelling, “I’ll do it, or God will, but keep your holy hands off me!”

    Valuable insights gained through this presentation include:

    1. Doors of communication will open.
    2. You will no longer think you’re crazy!
    3. You will no longer drive others crazy!
    4. You will learn to give others the freedom to fail.
    5. Judgment and criticism will break down.
    6. Learn what turns people off.
    7. Learn what turns people around.
  • God’s Answer to The Most-Asked Question

    Judy understands the expectancy, curiosity, even anxiety, surrounding the “where, when, with whom, and how” of living. The answers to these questions weigh heavily on many. In this series, Judy innovatively opens up the two distinct parts of God’s will: the individual, secret will vs. the revealed, moral will of God. She examines how we invariably put our focus and energy on the wrong part and get the responsibility for each party backward. Stress, controlling actions, and manipulation follow.

    If you would like increased freedom and obedience in your walk, hear how Judy’s walk radically changed when she received God’s answer to her most-asked question.
  • Grace PROPositions

    As a former art teacher, Judy knows that a picture is worth a thousand words. The original and creative props Judy uses to relay this messages are distinctly impressive. Along with appreciating the sovereignty of God, Judy received an amazing - yet childlike and simple - understanding of what happened at Calvary. The impact of the presentation is stunning and foundational to our walk with the Lord.
  • Feelings Women Rarely Share (Series or single message.)

    This is a topic every women, young or old, married or single, should hear at least once in her life. As Judy broaches this subject which is often a “silent factor” in our lives, she confronts the issue of sexuality and sexual temptation.

    What does a women do when she is drawn to someone she cannot have? Judy’s signature “Parable of the Cookies” presents the path of sexual temptation. Women must be prepared in this delicate and complex area. With props to tastefully and clearly present this fragile subject, the message is one of her most requested.

    From the back cover of Judy Reamer’s book:

    “Discusses how a woman can become vulnerable to lust and sexual temptation and provides strategies for remaining pure. The author’s warm, personal style, honesty, and use of real-life examples make this book very readable.” Regeneration, book review
  • Do You Get The Picture? (The three distinct messages below may stand alone or be combined for a retreat or conference.)

    1. Do You Get The Right Picture? This message pertains to our emotional concept of God.

    2. Do You Get The Whole Picture? Practical instruction on reading the Bible as a story in large chunks in order to get the whole counsel of God.

    3. Do You Get the Big Picture? Judy’s life story.
  • Great Expectations: Is Your Bubble Bursting?

    This relationship-changing message is based on Psalm 62:5, “My soul, wait thou only upon God; my expectation is from Him.

    This message illustrates the path from Disappointment to Disillusionment to Despair to emotional Divorce or real separation from a friend, a spouse, a church, or the like. The destructive path of expectations in other people starts small and then grows until one says, inwardly or outwardly, “I’m outta here!” Relationships are changed by the power of this Bible-based message.
  • Dealing Sensitively with People (Series or single message)

    The way we deal with people may really affect their growth, be it for abundant growth or stunted growth. The following is from the forward of Judy’s book The Parable of the Shoes—a part of this message series—which focuses on dealing sensitively with others:

    “…That’s why I knew the vital lessons in Judy’s seminar, The Parable of the Shoes, needed to become a book. The concept Judy shares is critical to the mission of the church of Jesus Christ. In Matthew 28:19, God invites, or more accurately, commands us to join Him in reaching others with His love and teachings. How can we do this if we are offensive to others, insensitive or opinionated, consumed with self-interest, boorish or bothersome, controlling or contrary?

    The Parable of the Shoes is a whimsical yet penetrating look at our personal responsibility to enhance, rather than hurt, the credibility of the Gospel. A good camaraderie often provides the best context for sharing the message of God’s great gift of salvation. So what are you like? Are you easy to be with? Comfortable to be around?

    May this book help you understand not only the importance of the message but of the messenger whose feet bring it.”
    Donna Rae Alberta

Single-Session Messages:

  • Desperate to Detach from Distress

    Psalm 61:2 - When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

    Have you ever found your emotions skyrocketing when the winds of sorrow threaten, or when you’re overwhelmed by bad reports, especially those involving your loved ones? You sense you're one more "straw" away from becoming an emotional basket case. May this message be a spiritual marker for you—as it has been for Judy.
  • Cane and Able

    Jacob’s limp was like unto Paul’s thorn in the flesh which was given to break Paul’s being strong in himself. This message is the story of Jacob’s changed behavior which came from BROKENNESS - the theme of this message. Judy tells why it is difficult to trust someone who doesn’t have a limp.
  • The “Aha! Revelations” (One or two sessions)

    Judy’s “Aha! Revelations” will surely cause an “Aha!” in the meeting(s). An Aha! is an exclamation expressing satisfaction, pleasure, triumph. It is saying, I get it! I understand! Eureka! It’s a spark of inspiration.

    The Aha! markers in your life are like unto the memorial stones placed at the Jordan River by the Israelites. “The Lord saw to it!” is what the markers represent. Be encouraged as Judy tells of a few places in her journey which seem to become pivotal markers for her listeners. She’ll tell of recent markers on forgiveness and on prayer.

  • Possible Christmas Message: Little by Little (or “You’re the slowest God I’ve ever met!”)

    Judy compares Chanukah with the Christmas holidays in this very interesting message presented with a sense of fun. This unique message is perfect for Christmas teas and banquets—or may be used other than for the holiday season.